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News Archives

December 1, 2001
New tamer! Jeri's become a tamer, and her Digimon is Leomon! Looks like the tamers will finally go 2 the Digiworld! This is soo cool. Anyways, I added todays screenshots, but didn't work much on the ep guide. Bye now!

November 28, 2001
Sorry I haven't updated in a while. I was away thankgiving so I couldn't get the pics up for "The Boar Wars". It should re-air next weekend though. I added some episodes to the guide. I also heard that Fox Kids might not air any more eps on weekends. NOT GOOD. NO MORE DIGIMON! I'll try and keep you updated about the cancellation.

November 14, 2001
Hi al! I got the D-Power! YAY! I took some screens for my viewers to eyeball. Catch you later!

November 10, 2001
I've added the pics for Saga of the Devas, Digital Beauty and Impmon's Last Stand. I'll update the ep guides later. Some of the forums posts got deleted. I'll have to see what's the trouble with that. Ezboard was down sometime this week, so I think that's the problem. Goodbye!

October 31, 2001
Happy Holloween! I'm gonna have to miss out on Holloween because my mom doesn't want me 2 go. TOTAL BUMMER! I have to sit inside and watch as kids devour candy until their teeth rot! Anyway, Fox Kids is running a 90 minute special called, "Digimon:Saga of the Devas". It' gonna be about the twelve devas on the Chines zodiac. Er, something like that. C' yah!

October 27, 2001
Well, I've added the new screens for Grow Mon Grow. Hope you like. I also updated the ep guide. See yah!

October 20, 2001
Well, I've taken todays screens and added a new staff member. His name is Gene1185 and he'll be doing the digi-quote of the week. Please give him a warm welcome.

October 19,2001
New card battle RPG has beed added! Test your card battling skills against gym leaders, and card battlers all around the globe. Click here to check it out!

October 13, 2001
Sorry all but I missed today's tamer ep. I'll update the pics section and episode guide when the episode re-airs. Also, I emailed Bandai and they said that the D-power should be here in mid-October. Our first affiliate is digital mansion. Click on the button to check it out.

October 12, 2001
I've updated the episode guide so click here to check them out. Tommorow of course will be two brand spaking new tamer eps. Don't miss 'em. The pics should be up shortly after the eps.

October 11, 2001
Hi all! I'm just letting you know that DigiIzzy is now excepting affiliates! If you want to affiliate with DigiIzzy, email us!

October 7, 2001
Today America attacked the Taliban and Osama Bin Laden made a pre-recorded announcement that appeared this afternoon. That's about all for now. Bye!
Ocober 6, 2001
I saw todays tamer eps and they were pretty cool. I took my first screens by myself and uploaded them to the site. They really aren't that great, so I have to learn how to keep the camera still. Anyway, feel free to use any of them but please, at least link back to this site. You can use a button or a text link.

October 5, 2001
Hi it's me! Just wanted to inform you that the DigiIzzy RPG is now open!!! I hope it'll be alot of fun. Anyway, tomorrow there will be two new tamer episodes that I promise to the world I won't miss.

October 2, 2001
I've got brand spanking new tamer pics! I've got them through eps 1-9. I also added a link to digiexperience. It's a really great website and I get my pics from there so please visit them.^_^

September 27, 2001
I missed todays eps. Sorry but the episode guide can't be updated.

September 29, 2001
OK, I got the new subdomain it's
September 27, 2001
DigiIzzy is having a little trouble with our URL, so I'm gonna look for a new host. I'll let you know our new subdomain when I get it.
September 26, 2001
Well, our forum is doing great! We have eleven registered members and if you join now you get to be a moderator! I also stuck some tamer pics on the top banner, just to try something new. It's only temporary until we get our real banner thanks to Supreme_Digital_Master. DarkRenamonTamer is going to start a big digi-index that'll list all the digimon. It'll be expected to come out in maybe two months or less. I've updated the episode guide but I haven't gotten to see Dream A Little Dream yet so I don't have it listed.
September 24, 2001
DigiIzzy finaly has a three person staff. They are Supreme_Digital_Master and DarkRenamonTamer. And of course, me. If you want to join email either one of us and we'll tell you what you can do.

September 24, 2001
Well, Saturdays eps were
O Partner Where Art Though and Now You See it, Now You Don't. They were pretty cool especially when Renamon digivolved. Screens should be coming soon.
September 19, 2001
New layout! If you haven't noticed already, digiizzy has a new layout. It's not much different from our old one but a change is a change.

September 17, 2001
Well, the new D-power digivice toy should be coming out pretty soon. I've also added a new digivice section on the main menu to the left. I also have a new free for all links section where you can submit your digimon site links and have them posted on my website.
September 13, 2001
I've got new tamer pics finally! This whole terrorist thing has screwed-up my mind and I totally forgot about tamers. Anyway, I've got a new link to DST and I got pics from there so please visit them as a way of thanking them.
September 12,2001
Well, as you probably know, four airplanes were hijacked and destroyed in the same day. The World Trade Center and the Pentagon are now ruined. I may be depressed right now but I haven't lost my American spirit! No one will mess with this country and get away with it! All I can do now is pray for all the injured and dead. At least I know they're in a better place...

September 10, 2001
I've added a new links to us section. All you have to do is copy and paste them on to your website. That's all for now! See yah!

September 8, 2001
Well, the two new eps of Tamers were sweet! I especially liked the special effects during the digivolution sequence. I've updated the ep guide so be sure to check it out. That's all for now, logging off.
September 7,
Happy birthday Nick Rowe!*Blows candles* And happy birthday me!*blows candles* Anyway for my birthday I'm getting... two new tamer episodes! Yep, FoxKids is showing two new eps on my birthday*Cheers*. I know a ton of you don't know who Nick is. Well, I do! I don't know how many times you visit here, Nick, but happy birthday from your best friend. Anyway, enough about my dumb birthday. I've got a new pics section for tamers so enjoy. I'll be updating the episode guide this Saturday for the two new eps premiering. I also added a secion for the three digimon movies aired in Japan. Please visit my forum. I'm really hoping to get it running. So far nobody has joined it and it's taking up precious web space. If you want to be a mod. or admin. join and email me. Bye and thanks for 80+ hits!(Nobody ever really visited this site)

September 4, 2001
Well, as you can see I've got new pics. Some are for Tamers and some are for seasons one and two. That's about all that's happening right now. Logging off.

September 3, 2001
I've added some stuff to the web site and put Tamer icons at the top instead to 01 icons. I've also changed the forum community layout and added some new forums. I'm looking for some people to join it and moderate it to get it running. I have the Tamer sections added to the main menu event though it's incomplete. All I really have is an episode guide but I'm working on a character section and I hope it'll be finished soon. Tamers was pretty cool, even though there's no villains and they use the same voice cast as season 1 and 2. You can give it any real criticism, they've only showed two episodes. If you have any comments or questions post them in my guestbook.

August 31, 2001
I haven't been updating much since well... there's nothing really happening. Season three is showing tomorrow during a digimon marathon Fox Kids will be showing on all the episodes where the DD's are in the real world. I'm planning to make a section on season three hopefully next week since I'm geting a digital cam(finally)and can get some good screens. I have a new forum account with ezboard so I wont be using the old one so much. I also have a new URL it's It should take you to a page that will foward you to my website. This URL should be a little easier to remember than my old URL If there's something wrong with the new URL, or it won't foward you, e-mail me at

August 1, 2001
Digimon season three is premiering September 1, 2001 on Fox Kids. Be sure to check it out!

August 1, 2001
Digimon: Digital Battle Card Game came out some time ago. I don't know much about it but it looks pretty cool.