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The Digivice toy is a replica of the digivice in season one. You basically shake your digivice up and down or walk around with it and your digimon will get farther through the level. Sounds easy, huh? After a certain number of steps you should encounter an enemy digimon. You can choose to attack, run, use a party digimon, or digivolve. If you choose attack, your digimon will attack the enemy digimon at whatever stage it's at. If you choose run, your digimon will flee the battle and has a shot a being injured. If your digimon is injured use the medical care icon in the menu. To use party digimon you have to have more than one digimon on your side. Some enemy's contain party digimon so be ready to capture. To digivolve, simply shake the digivice and pray your digimon digivolves.
If he doesn't, tuff luck.