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Golden Digimentals
This is the first movie involving the 02 Digidestened. It starts off with TK and Kari visiting Mimi in NY. While there they see a kid with a digimon(Willis and Terriermon) being attacked by a digimon(Kokomon). Patamon finds out that Willis and Terriermon are going to Colorado. Kari e-mails Davis, Yolei, and Cody, telling them what they saw and to go to Colorado. TK and Kari go on a train but get attacked by Kokomon, so it prevents them from getting there when they wanted to. Yolei, Davis and Cody, take several meens of transportation before going on a truck. On the truck they meet Willis and Terriermon. Yolei and Cosy separate from Davis and Willis. Durring this time Davis and Willis are attacked by Kokomon. (Terriermon for the first time, digivolves to Gargomon) Kokomon eventualy leaves saying (yet again) "Go back to the beggining". Veemon armor digivolves to Raidramon, so Davis Willis and Terriermon ride on him all the way to the meeting point. There they meet up with Yolei ! and Cody. Willis explanes why Ko komon was attacking him and finaly decides to face him alone. Of course Davis insists on helping him. They travel to the place where it all started ("Go back to the begining"~Kokomon. Remember) and find Kokomon there. They fight for a little while when Yolei and Cody show up. They all digivolve and join in, then Kari and TK show up with Angemon and Angewumon. They digivolve to their Mega forms and Kokomon digivolves to his. Seraphimon and Magnadramon release the golden digieggs(I don't know how though) and go back to their regular forms. Davis and Willis use the digieggs and Veemon digivolves to Magnamon and Terriermon digivolves to Rapidmon. They go inside the evil digimon and destroy the virus that had infected the baby years earlier. Without the virus, Kokomon couldn't survive, and formed into little bits of data. Davis tells Willis that Digimon never die, and that their data gets rerouted. Later on Willis finds out that Davis is right and meets up with his digimon