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episode giude
Guilmon comes alive: Takato and his friend are playing the digimon card game before school. They both remember that they had to get to school on before the bell rings, so Takato's friend leaves, leaving Takato to pick up the cards. Takato spills the box and mysteriosly finds a blue card he'd never seen before. He swipes it into his card slash and the card slash sparks. Takato goes to class but has to stand in the hallway for being late. He pulls out a pen and notebook and begins drawing his own digimon. After school, Takato runs to get his cards and is suprised to find his card slash glowing. The card slash turns into a new digivice called a D-ark. Takato rushes home and then dumps out his digimon cards in search of the blue card. Takato then gets the idea to scan his digimon drawing into his digivice to see what happens. He tries to scan it but it's too thick and it get's stuck. Takato frustrated leaves it on his desk and goes down stairs to join his parents for dinner. Just before he goes out the door, he notices the D-ark scanning all the information out of his notebook. On the D-arks screen appears a digi-egg. Thrilled and excited Takato goes down stairs to have dinner. That night, Takato dreams of Rika and Renamon fighting Lynxmon. Rika takes a card and slashes it into the her D-ark. Renamon glows and then kills Lynxmon in one hit. The next day, Takato tells his friends about the D-ark and the dream but they just laughed and made fun of him. He pulls out his D-ark once his friends have left and finds the digi-egg on the screen broken. He finds a compass on his D-ark that he is determined will lead him to his digimon. Takato finally finds his digimon in a huge crater.

Digimon,digimon everywhere:Takato, scared to death of his own creation whatches as Guilmon attacks with a breath of fire at a couple of rats. Takato, regreting creating a digimon, crouches scared as Guilmon as he approaches. Guilmon doesn't attack and the two become friends. Takato sneaks Guilmon in and the next day, leaves him with some food and goes to school. Guilmon missing Takato goes to Takato's school in search of him. Guilmon causes havoc at the school and scares the principle. Takato, hearing the news, goes looking for him. Takato meets up with Henry who tells Takato that he has a digimon too. Takato resumes his search  and finally finds Takato.The next day, Takato takes Guilmon to the park to find a hiding spot for his digimon. A digimon comes out of nowhere and knocks Guilmon into a fence. The mystery digimon turns out to be Renamon, Rika's digimon partner. Amazed that the girl from his dream exists, Takato is left wondering. Rika challenges Takato to a digimon battle and orders Renamon to destroy Guilmon.

To fight or not to fight: Takato refuses to fight Rika and orders Guilmon to run. Guilmon refuses to run and accepts Rika's challenge. The two begin to fight until Rika uses digi-modify(Card slash) and where Renamon's hand was forms a gun. Takato calls Guilmon off and hugs Guilmon. Rika orders Renamon to attack but Renamon, seeing the bond between Takato and Guilmon refuses and then Henry shows up. Henry tells Rika that digimon are our friends but Rika denies it and tells Henry that they are meant for fighting. Rika leaves the scene and Takato and Henry find a safe place to hide Guilmon. Soon after, Takato comes to check on Guilmon and finds him missing. Takato takes Guilmon and pretends he's a kid in a costume. Takato's screen on the D-arc turns red and Guilmon starts running towards a parking lot. There Takato meets up with Rika who again challenges him to a fight. Guilmon accepts but Takato denies. The fight is interrupted by Henry and Terriermon who quickly join the fight. Teriermon digivolves into Gargomon and begins destroying everything in his path. Renamon tries to stop him but fails and Gargomon aims towards Rika. Guilmon knocks Gargomon out into a wall saving Rika. But why wasn't Gargomon able to control himself?

It came from the other side: Takato and Henry are both in the park. Henry makes Gargomon stand on his head so he can de-digivolve. Takato leaves and heads home. Later, Henry recalls the moment where he saw Terriermon destroy Gargomon. He then wakes up to reality and finds Teriermon instead of Gargomon and heads home. The next day, Takato and Henry are walk through the city streets. They see a mysterious fog the descends and begins following them. They begin to run and split up at a bridge. Takato then realizes that it's after Henry. Takato then goes after Guilmon. The mysterious fog follows Henry into a building and then surrounds it entirely. Then out of the bue comes Gorrillamon. Takato comes with Guilmon and sends him into combat. Seeing Guilmon taking a pounding, Terriermon begs Henry to let him fight. Terriermon joins the fight, but both Guilmon and Terriermon combined can't stop Gorrillamon. Henry then recalls the time when Teriermon first fought Gorrillamon and digivolved but had become un-controllable. He cries over his digimon, even knowing it wasn't real. He drops one of his battle cards on his computer desk and it turns into a blue card. He slashes it into his computer's card slash and it turn into a D-ark. Teriermon comes out of the computer wounded and Henry promises never to send him into battle again. Remembering the battle and his promise, Henry takes one of Takato's modify trading cards and uses it to increase Teriermon's power without letting him digivolve. Teriermon defeats Gorrillamon and the battle ends.

Dream a Little Dream: N/A

O Partner Where Art Thou?:In this episode, Renamon defeats an armor digimon and heads home. The next day,  Rika finds a digital field and sends Renamon to fight the digimon in it. Rika gets mad at Renamon for not digivolving so she walks home ignoring her digimon. Later, Renamon goes out into the night in search of a digimon she can destroy so she can digivolve. She finds a digimon called Impmon who tells her that she is a slave to Rika and should free herself. Renamon doesn't buy it and leaves. Rika waked up from her sleep and realizes that there's a digimon to fight. She goes outside her house and finds a digital field in the middle of a forest. She puts on her glasses and inside the field she finds spiderwebs everywhere. A digimon crawls down the web and attacks her. The digimon is Dokugumon, a champion digimon. Renamon saves Rika and tells her to run away. Rika doesn't leave and uses a modify card to boost Renamon's power. Even with the modify card Renamon still can't win and is strung in a web by Dokugumon. Dokugumon strings Rika in a net and heads to kill her. Rika screams but Renamon breaks free of the net and saves Rika. Dokugumon attacks Rika but Renamon jumps in the way and saves her. Renamon knowing her time was up, told Rika to run, but Rika stayed with her dying digimon. Rika shows she truly cares for Renamon and it makes it possible for Renamon to digivolve to her champion form, Pybuumon. Pybuumon defeats Dokugumon and tells Rika that when she finally showed she cared for her, it made it possible for her to digivolve.

Now You See It Now You Don't:
Takato, Henry, Guilmon and Teriermon are all playing rock paper scissors. Takato and Guilmon walk home when Takato realizes Guilmon's tail was disappearing.   Guilmon then goes running and Takato's D-power goes off. He follows his partner and it leads him straight to Renamon. Renamon wishes to fight Guilmon but Takato says no. He finds Rika right behind him and says to stop trying to fight him. Takato goes over to Rika's house and asks her if digimon fade away naturally. Rika tells Takato that digimon are just data and all get erased over time. Takato leaves Rika's house and heads to the park to drop off Guilmon. The next day his teacher explains that there are tunnels under the city that stretch far underground. Takato goes to find Guilmon after school and takes him for a walk through around. When they get back, Takato finds Guilmon disappearing. This time his whole body begins to disappear. Takato hugs his digimon, but it's not enough to save him. Guilmon fades away. Takato finds Henry and they go to Rika's house to get her. Takato takes them to the spot where Guilmon disappeared. Immediately  Teriermon and Renamon begin to fade away too. Rika and Henry order them to leave when Takato finds his digiivce going off. The compass on the screen points in a direction and it leads directly  to the underground tunnels. The three go into the tunnel and find a digital field. Takato puts on his goggles and Rika and Henry put on their glasses and jump into the digital field. They find Guilmon strapped down with ropes. Rika and Henry boost Takato and he glides to Guilmon. Takato unties him and Guilmon forms a path that the tamers can run on to get out. The digital field begins to get deleted so the tamers run quickly before their erased forever. Later, Takato thanks Rika and Henry and finds his worried parents looking for him.

A Question of Trust:
Seems Impmon is back causing more trouble, scaring people in the park at night. With the teachers and police being cautious, they begin patroling and night. After Takato tells Guilmon to stay put in the park, he starts heading home until he runs into a police officer and is hasseled until Miss Isaji comes up and tells the guy that he's with her. Meanwhile Impmon has lead Guilmon off to scare people convincing him that it will be fun. After Guilmon decides that he's not having fun he leaves, and Impmon decides to wander around the park. After seeing Devidramon in some kind of force field, he begins taunting him until he accidentally releases him onto the city. It's not long before Takato and Guilmon meet up with Devidramon and the fighting begins... fortunatly Takato's D-Arc begins glowing and Guilmon is able to digivolve to Growlmon.

Not As Seen On TV:
One unforseen side effect of digivolving to a higher level... the possibility that your Digimon won't de-evolve immediatly. Takato can't figure out why Growlmon won't change back to Guilmon, and knows that he takes him back like this he'll be discovered for sure! Trying everything he can to get Growlmon to de-evolve, running, sitting in cold water, etc., he decides to try and disguise him using paint... but as luck would have it it starts raining and the paint runs off of Growlmon. Finally, the ran stops and a rainbow appears, and to Takato's surprise and relief Growlmon de-evolves to Guilmon.

The Icemon Cometh:
Rika is taking a afternoon stroll down the street when a mysterious hand comes out and tries to grab her. When Rika turns around the hand then dissapeared. Rika continues when she runs into Calumon who, as usual, wants to play. Rika's mother comes  so Rika leaves. The mysterious hand comes out again and pulls Rika through a wall. The mysterious creature is Icedevimon. He says that he wants Rika to be his tamer. Rika tells him that she has a digimon, but he doesn't quit. Takato and Henry see a building that's covered in ice at the top. Assuming it's a digimon, the two head up to the top where they find Rika and Icedevimon. Guilmon and Teriermon engage in battle but are not strong enough to win.  Icedevimon freezed Guilmon and Teriermon but Renamon shows up to help Rika. Renamon is no match for Icedevimon, but manages to digivolve thanks to Calumon. Henry uses one of his modify cards to get Guilmon and Teriermon out of the ice and Takato uses two modify cards to lead Guilmon to victory over Icedevimon. Rika tells the yells that she hates all digimon leaves in the opposite direction of her partner.

Much Ado About Musyamon:
Takato and his friends are card battling. Takato wins and his friend gets mad at him. Henry and Teriermon see a digital field but Henry won't let Teriermon go worried he might fight. That night, Henry sees Renamon and goes out to follow her, leaving Teriermon with his sister. The next day, Takato and Henry meet up and Takato tells Henry how excited he is about his next battle.Takato's friend challenges Takato to a rematch and Takato loses. Takato tells his friends he has a real digimon and takes him to the park where Guilmon scares them.Takato's digivice goes off and it leads him to a digital field where Musyamon lurks. Guilmon can't win even with all of Takato's modify cards and the cards lose their effect. Henry sees the digital field and notices a little girl whose balloon drifted into the field. Henry runs into the field and sees Takato and Guilmon fighting. Musyamon holds up his sword ready to kill the little girl. Teriermon stops him and Calumon helps him digivolve to Gargomon. They win and leave the scene before anyone notices. Takato apologizes to Guilmon for acting like a hotshot and expecting Guilmon to win and Henry apologizes for not letting him fight. All of them leave but Yamaka(Hypnos leader)sees them.

Divided They Stand:
Takato's his friends are playing the digi-battle card game when Takato arrives.Takato's friend think Guilmon was just a trick and leave Takato. Meanwhile, Renamon sees a digital field and out comes three digimon. Renamon defeats the digimon, and realizes that she can fight just as well without Rika's help. Henry meets up with Takato and sees Yamaka. Yamaka tells them to find another hobby. Jeri over hears Takato's and Yamaka's conversation and asks Takato if she can see his real digimon. Takato introduces Jeri to Guilmon and,instead of being scared, hugs Guilmon. The next day, a digimon called Harpymon appears. Renamon fights this digimon, but is beaten badly. Rika jabs a stick into Harpymon's back.  Renamon wins and Rika and her realize that there nothing without each other.

Takato and Guilmon are battling Darkflarizamon. It nearly attacks Takato when Yamaka puts it to sleep. Yamaka leaves with the un conscience Darkflarerizamon. Later, Calumon goes to the Hypnos HQ. Yamaka takes the Darkflarerizamon and puts it in a chamber full of liquid. He orders to scan the digimon's data and kill it. With this he developes the Juggernaut. This unique program attracts digimon rather than having to trace it. At school, Jeri draws a picture of Guilmon in a shirt and pants. Takato worries that Guilmon might forget him if he digivolves. Takato meets up with his friends and Jeri comes too. The two seemed bumed and refused to talk to Takato. Jeri tries to pep them up with her pupet but they say digimon is for little kids and leave. Jeri asks through her pupet if Takato wants to play with Guilmon but Takato gets mad and leaves.Meanwhile, Yamaka is telling his associates about the Juggernaut program. One of them explains that digimon were created by scientist but were too smart for them and became too powerful. Yamaka says that the Juggernaut project may cause some online problems but still plans to initiate it. Yamaka comes to Henrys dad and tells him he was involved in the digimon project and he needed his help. Yamaka asked him if he knew of any person that could still be working on the project and then disapears. Yamaka initiates the Juggernaut and Teriermon is attracted as well as other digimon.

Grow Mon Grow:
Hundreds of digimon are attracted to the Juggernaut. Each one being destroyed.  A voice says that Yamaka helped open a port to the real world. Out comes a digi-field, in this a digimon. Yamaka strangles Henry and blames everything on the tamers. Henry and Rika meet up with Takato and see the digimon. Renamon goes to fight first, but loses . Teriermon digivolves to Gargomon, but loses also. Guilmon digivolves to Growlmon, and gets hurt badly. Takato starts to feel the pain Growlmon was feeling then passes out. He wakes up in a vision of him and Growlmon. Growlmon says he won't stop fighting, and Takato is warped back to reality. Takato says he'll never give up and Growlmon matrix digivolves to Wargrowlmon. Wargrowlmon wins and Takato's friends come and cheer him on, as well as Jeri.

Saga of the Devas:
Takato makes a flag for the tamers.The next morning, he calls Henry and Rika and asks them if they want to jog around town. They both are busy, and leave Takato to himself. Takato finds Jeri, Kenta and Kazu with a couple other kids right in front of the bakery. They had come to see Guilmon. Takato,Guilmon and the other kids go to the park to play with Guilmon. Meanwhile, Rika and her grandmother are in a train station. A snake like Digimon appears, so Rika digivolves Renamon to Kyubimon. The snake Digimon heads for a train that Henry is on, but Terriermon helps the people escape from the Digimon's attack. Terriermon digivolves to Gargomon and the battle begins. In the midst of all this, Takato is playing cheerfully with Guilmon, pushing him in a shopping cart. Impmon tells Takato that his friends are battling beneath them in the train station. Takato uses a modify card to help dig down, and then Growlmon enters the duel. The Digimon is destroyed, and the tamers enjoy a nice jog.

Back to Nature, Back to Battle:
The tamers decide to take their Digimon on the school camping trip. A small bird-like Digimon  appears. Takato and Henry discover it, but decide it's too small to do any real harm. And owl tells them that the Digimon will drain all the energy out of the city. It does this, and the power in the city goes out.  Henry says that the Digimon feeds on energy and takes them to a power plant. They tamer's Digimon suceed in destroying this Digimon.

Duel with the Deva:
Digital Beauty:
Impmon's Last Stand:
Out of the Blue:
Jeri's Quest:
The Boar Wars:
A World Apart:
The Journey Begins: