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Episode Guide continued

It was a total defeat. The gap between Black War Greymon's strength and their own was too large. In order to raise their potential even a little, the children decided they needed Gatomon's lost Holy Ring. Yolei and Kari separated from Davis and the others in order to search for the Holy Ring. On the way they happened across Ken and he joined up with them. But as they proceeded through the forest, they unwittingly set foot in a strange dimension. Ken feared the sense of darkness creeping up on them. Kari felt the same and tried to encourage him. Seeing the two, and feeling that she alone was left out, Yolei became hardheaded and began acting rashly. But that only made the situation worse...!? "But I was always envious."

IF I ONLY HAD A HEART (Episode 32)
Following in the footsteps of Davis and Ken, Yolei and Kari were successful in a second jogress evolution. Meanwhile having left Archnemon, Black War Greymon continued to roam aimlessly through the Digital World feeling unfulfilled. Why had he been made? What was his purpose? Knowing that he was just a thing that had been created, Black War Greymon was filled with doubt as he went from one battle to the next. But no matter how fierce the battle it couldn't fill void in his chest, rather it just caused the emptiness to grow. It was then that Tai's partner, Agumon, appeared before Black War Greymon. Knowing that Black War Greymon was struggling with himself, Agumon tried to get him to open his heart. What will this fatefull meeting with Agumon hold for Black War Greymon? And what is the Holy Stone that holds the key to the fate of the Digital World...!? "What's the point of a lifeless being like me having a heart?"

Taking a short break from her duties as one of the DigiDestined, Yolei left Poromon in Izzy's care while she went on a class trip to Kyoto and enjoyed some freedom for the first time in months. Sight seeing and eating and buying souveniers, Yolei was able to forget about fighting and fully enjoy Kyoto. But then a warp suddenly appeared before her eyes...and none other than Black War Greymon, who should have been in the Digital World, appeared! Bringing hordes of Digimon with him, Black War Greymon paraded through Kyoto like a mid-day apparition. Wondering what was going on, Yolei followed after the Digimon. What was the meaning behind the appearance of the Digimon in the real world? Then Yolei met some unexpected people...!? "I've heard about you, from my brother."

Still not understanding the reason why he did it, Black War Greymon continued to destroy the Holy Stones. But in the instant that he destroyed the third Holy Stone, the form of an unknown Digimon appeared in a dimensional warp. It was the first time he'd felt such that instant Black War Greymon knew that this Digimon was the reason he was destroying the Holy Stones. Meanwhile, in an attempt to restore the balance of the Digital World, the children tried to find the next Holy Stone before Black War Greymon could get to it. On their way, they heard from Gabumon that Black War Greymon had a heart and Cody was in shock. When Cody wavered, T.K. told it to him straight. Any Digimon born through the powers of darkness must be destroyed. Black War Greymon tried to destroy the Holy Stone in hopes of fighting the mysterious Digimon. But T.K., with anger in his heart towards the powers of darkness, stood in his way. What would happen in this battle at the Holy Stone...!? "There's no way I can withdraw...I'm...I'm going to fight him!"

I want to fight that Digimon... With this feeling like a thirst in his chest, Black War Greymon continued to destroy the Holy Stones. Even Holy Angemon couldn't stand against his overwhelming strength. In order to protect the few remaining Holy Stones from Black War Greymon, Davis proposed calling Ken to his house for a meeting. Yolei and Kari were all for it and they all agreed meet at Davis's house, except for T.K. who declined the invitation and went off on his own. The normally gentle T.K. and the fierce T.K. who opposed the powers of darkness. There was such a difference between the two that Cody was confused. Finally, after much thought, he took Upamon and went to visit T.K.'s brother Matt. In order to know more about T.K., in order to understand T.K., Cody bombarded Matt with his questions. Matt began to tell him about T.K.'s past, but what would Cody make of it all...? "I want to know more about T.K."

STONE SOUP (Episode 36)
Shaking off Cody's persuasions, Black War Greymon destroyed the sixth Holy Stone. Now there was only one remaining. The battle that will decide the fate of the Digital World has finally begun! That's what was supposed to happen anyway... The children set out to defend the final Holy Stone. After following Black War Greymon's trail, they arrived at...the Digital World's China Town! A delicious aroma invited them into a Chinese restaurant. But as it happened, Mummymon and Archnemon had also stopped there to eat ramen, too. Would something terrible happen...? A ramen battle suddenly broke out in the Digital World! Would Cody and T.K. be able to figure out the secret of the mysterious soup and successfully jogress evolve...!? "We won't be able to jogress evolve and defeat Black War Greymon unless we stock up on energy...let's have some ramen."

KYOTO DRAGON (Episode 37)
Cody and T.K. were finally able to jogress evolve. Black War Greymon was after the final Holy Stone, but all three jogress forms, Paildramon, Silphymon, and Shakkoumon, stood in his way! The children fought with all their strength to protect the Digital World. But Black War Greymon was also staking his reason for living on this and wouldn't back down. Each time he was wounded, he would tenaciously rise again and little by little the children were overwhelmed. In addition, Mummymon and Arukenimon were also causing trouble and the children were facing the a life or death crisis! Would the children be able to protect the Holy Stone and the Digital World itself!? And what is the true form of the mysterious Digimon that Black War Greymon has been chasing!? Now a hidden truth about the Digital World will be made clear...!! "I'll destroy the Holy Stones!! Only then will I find my answers!!"

With the help of Azulomon, the Digital World was no longer in danger of collapsing. The children knew what their duty was and began once again to destroy the Dark Towers. Then finally when it looked like the Digital World was at peace at last... With some prodding from Wormmon, Ken sent out an envelope. It was an invitation to a Christmas party being held at Ken's house. Davis, Yolei, T.K., Kari, and even Cody were invited. Ken was a little nervous, but each of the children accepted the invitation with a different expression on their face. The streets of Odaiba were decorated for Christmas and it seemed like everyone would enjoy the holy night. Finally it was the 24th, Christmas Eve. Before they went to Ken's house, the children opened the Digital Port. They had secretly come up with a plan for a present to thank Tai and the others for all their help. That present was...!? "Hehe, I wonder if they'll like it!?"

DRAMON POWER (Episode 39)
A sudden scream shattered the peaceful Christmas Eve. Just as had happened three years before, the Digimon once again appeared in the streets of Odaiba, causing a panic. Davis and the others managed to return the Digimon to the Digital World, and it looked as if everything had been taken care of, but... When the dawn broke on Christmas Day, the TV news was filled with urgent stories from around the globe. America, China, Australia. Mysterious monsters were causing great damage everywhere... The Digimon were rioting all over the world! Hearing that Digimon had appeared in Tamachi, too, Davis hurried through the panicked town to Ken's house. The other children gathered at Izzy's to plan their counter attack. Will the children be able to overcome their greatest crisis yet!? The real battle has only just begun...!! "This time people all over the world must join together to stand and fight!"

Dark Towers and Digimon suddenly appeared all over the world. Davis and the other Digi-Destined flew off on Imperial Dramon. They met up with their friends waiting for them all over the world in order to save the world from this crisis... In New York they joined with Mimi and Michael and Davise lured the Digimon into Central Park. Meanwhile, in Hong Kong Kari and Izzy, aided by the local children, continued the struggle to return the Digimon to the Digital World. Would Davis' passionate heart succeed in America? What about Izzy's English skills? And would Kari's smile be able to turn the whole world into her slaves? What would the conclusion of this worldwide free-for-all battle bring...!? "Oh, that Digimon, he, not bad Digimon. So, no more attack. Got it?"