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Episode Guide continued
GOODBYE KEN (Episode 21)
With the Golden Digimental, Veemon digivolved into Magnamon. Magnamon battles with Chimeramon, but is his light of hope powerful enough to defeat the darkness of Chimeramon? Magnamon uses up all his power and is deep trouble. He is saved by none other than Wormmon! In order to save Ken from the darkness, the real Ken and not the Digimon Kaiser, Wormmon fights Chimeramon. But will Wormmon be able to rack Ken's heart?

With the threat of the Digimon Kaizer gone, peace returned to the Digital World. The scars the Kaizer left were deep, but the Digimon were optimistic about the restoration. Using their own special skills, the children each helped out in rebuilding the land and at long last a cheery atmosphere enveloped the Digital World. But there were two faces missing...Daisuke and V-mon. Both depressed over how well Takeru and Patamon got along with Hikari and Tailmon, they got together and tried to figure out what they could do to make themselves look cool. Their plan evolve to Champion!! With the ulterior motive of raising Hikari's and Tailmon's opinions of them, Daisuke and V-mon began training to evolve. Will they be able to evolve...into Ultra Angemon!? "I thought you were going to turn into Ultra Angemon!"

With the help of Davis and the others, peace was restored to the Digital World. Meanwhile, Ken was... Ken had been quietly sleeping ever since his return from the Digital World. Although his parents called to him he didn't respond, he just continued to sleep deeply. In his exhausted heart, memories of when he was younger rose like bubbles and then disappeared. His genius older brother of whom he had been so proud. How he felt so small and worthless. How his parents cared only for his brother. The Digivice that suddenly appeared one day. And then... In a maze with no exit, Ken continued to search for his own heart, for his true self. What was waiting for him there...? "I'm empty. I don't know where my heart has gone."

In accepting his past, Ken Ichijouji was returned to his true self and reunited with Wormmon. But then, as if to steal away the small peace they had finally achieved, a strange woman appeared before Ken and Wormmon! Meanwhile, while Cody tried to restore the Digital World, his anger towards Ken grew stronger and stronger as he witnessed the scars the Emperor had left on the land. As if to strike while his heart was unguarded, Thunderballmon appeared and began to attack! This was the first time Cody had fought a Digimon who was not controlled by an Evil Ring and he wavered about what to do. A mysterious green warrior saved Cody from danger... A new enemy. Tangled emotions. Full of mystery, the true battle is finally about to begin...!! "Why on Earth did that guy save me?"

The mysterious Digimon who saved Cody was Wormmon's evolved form, Stingmon. Davis believed Ken's change of heart was for real and tried his best to accept Ken as an ally. But the reaction of Yolei and the others was somewhat different. There was still some part of their hearts that couldn't quite believe Ken. It was then that they received an SOS from the Digital World. Golemon had suddenly appeared and began to destroy the dam! Yolei and the others hurried to the Digital World in order to stop him, but Golemon wasn't even phazed by their half hearted attacks. In order to protect the village downstream they'd have to destroy Golemon for real...just as Ken had done to Thunderballmon!! Unable to destroy Golemon or to protect the dam, Yolei agonized over what to do. What awaited her at the end of this endless battle...!? "Why was he able to do it? Because he knew there was no other choice? Are we too naive...?"

The Digimon that Ken had destroyed turned out to be Dark Towers that the mysterious woman had transformed. Ken once again apologized to the other children for his actions as the Emporer, but he turned down Davis's invitation to join them and went off on his own. He wanted to make up for his crimes on his own... Ken. The mysterious woman who could turn Dark Towers into Digimon. Still unable to sort out their feelings as more and more truths were revealed, the children continued their reconstrucion. But then as if to deal a final blow to the children, a new crisis encroached upon the Digital World. Dark energy was running wild and would soon cause a huge explosion! Learning that the Crest of Kindness was needed to stop this explosion, Davis emailed Ken. But Ken's answer...never came. Although Cody and the others could not quite put aside their distrust of Ken, Davis continued to wait for him. Will Ken be able to live up to Davis's confidence? When their two hearts are as one, there will be a miraculous evolution...!? "No, that's not it! You just don't realize it!"

In order to make up for his crimes himself, in order to restore the Digital World with his own hands, Ken prepared himself for death and went alone to face a reckless battle. It was Davis's shout of "Live!" that stopped him. For himself, for those he held dear, Ken decided to live and atone for his crimes. At that instant, when Ken's and Davis's desires were as one, XV-mon and Stingmon jogress evolved, and the ultimate warrior, Paildramon, was born! With an Ultimate Digimon, Ookuwamon, as his opponent, Paildramon showed off his overwhelming strength. In order to stop the rampaging powers of darkness, the children hurried for the center of the explosion. Would they be able to save the Digital World from this crisis!? And what is the great secret behind the children's adventure that will finally be made clear...!? "Don't you think it's cool? That's our partner Digimon!"

Paildramon's actions had saved the Digital World from its crisis. Having gained this new power of Jogress Evolution, Davis and the others were in high spirits. But they didn't know that the mysterious woman, who burned with anger, had set a terrible trap that would bury them... Having received an invitation via email from the mysterious woman, Davis and the others arrived at a bizarre mansion where both the building and the furniture were ten times normal size. There they found Ken, who had also received a similar email. In order to settle things once and for all with the mysterious woman, Davis and Ken, knowing the danger, went to scout out the mansion. Tired of being treated like a little kid, Cody followed after them with mixed feelings. Upon their entrance, an army of Gokimon attacked the three children. At the same time a swarm of Flymon attacked T.K.'s group waiting outside. Divided the children were forced into a hard battle! But that was only a small prologue to the terror that awaited them...!! "How reckless, to come knowing it's a trap."

Davis and the others received an invitation from the mysterious woman and, knowing the danger, entered the Giga House, a giant mansion. But what was waiting there for them was a trap far more terrible than they had imagined. Able to freely control insect Digimon, the mysterious woman attacked the children. Even worse, Digmon and Stingmon fell under her control and began to attack XV-mon! Cody was shaken by the shock of having his partner Digimon stolen away from him. But his desperate cries were unable to reach Digmon. Separated from their partners, Davis and the others were caught in the spider's web as Dokugumon's poison fangs got closer and closer. Will they be able to survive this desperate situation? Does Yolei's program hold the key to reversing the odds...!? "Stop, Digmon! Please, come to your senses!"

With a magnificent show of co-operation, the children defeated Arukenimon's trap. But although they had acknowledged each other's strength, the relationship between Cody and Ken was still somewhat strained. Cody couldn't forgive Ken for being the Emperor. Afraid of disturbing the balance of their teamwork, Ken tried to leave on his own. Davise and Yolei tried their best to bring them closer, but it didn't work. Meanwhile, the defeated Arukenimon was filled with rage and in an attempt to put an end to the children once and for all, she began to bring forth a dark Mega Digimon. Combining many Dark Towers together, she infused them with unlimited darkness. That Digimon's name was...Black War Greymon!! His power was a match for that of War Greymon! That great warrior who had saved the children so many times now stood before them as the most evil barrier!! The children couldn't keep pace. W as there some way they could stand against his overwhelming power...!? "Bring forth a menacing Digital Monster who can defeat the DigiDestined and bring destruction to this Digital World!!"