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Episode Guide

Three years after the adventures of the eight digidestine, Tai, Matt, Joe, Mimi, Sora, Kari, TK, and Izzy, the real world and the DigiWorld is at peace once again.......until there was a new villian appears. His name is the Digimon Emperor, and his goal is the conquest of the DigiWorld and be able to countrol all of Digimon. Tai and Agumon tried their best against the Digimon Emperor, but the power to evolve had been locked away and it looked like there was no hope. The battle has begun, and they have chosen new "Chosen Children" that can defeat the plans of the Digimon Emperor. The "Chosen Children" are: T.K., Kari, Yolei, Davis, and Cody. Davis is the first one to get his digimon, Veemon which can armor digivolve to flamedramon.

Davis and the others saved the Digital World and returned to the real world. Seeing how excited Davis was at his first victory, Yolei discontent at not being able to go to the Digital World grew. Then the next day, Yolei, Cody and Davis, TK, and Kari along with Izzy and Sora as guides, went to the digital world. It seemed like a picnic to Yolei and she was very excited. But the Digimon Emperor had been waiting for her and suddenly began attacking. Davis was defeated and captured by the Digimon Emperor. When all she was able to do was leave Davis and run away, Yolei realized the harsh reality of the Digital World. Now Yolei have to overcome her fear of fighting and save Davis. The new Chosen Children's first trial is upon them! On their way trying to find Davis, they stop by at a temple. Cody and Yolei got their Digimon , Hawkmon Which can digivolve to Halsemon and Armadilliomon which can digivolve into Digmon. They went out to continue finding Davis and save Davis and Veemon before the Digimon Emperor can put the back belt on Veemon.

A NEW DIGITUDE (Episode 3)
First Davis, now Cody and Yolei have the power to fight the Digimon Emperor. But T.K.'s and Kari's partner Digimon, Patamon and Gatomon, can't fight because because of the seal the Black Digivice placed on evolution! As if to ridicule their lack of power, the Digimon Emperor concentrated his attack on Patamon and Gatomon. With Davis and the others protecting them, all they could do was run away. T.K.'s and Kari's hearts were filled with chagrin and despair. Then they looked deep in the cave they were hiding in and found two Digieggs, one marked with the Crest of Light and one with the Crest of Hope..When they lift the digieggs, their digivice turn into news one. Patamon and Gatomon armor digivolved to Pegasusmon and Nefertimon and fight Tyrannomon.

In order to save the Digimon from his dominion, Davis and the others began battling the Digimon Emperor. But, as if sneering at their efforts, the Digimon Emperor used his Black Digivice and Evil Ring to further expand his territory. Then another town fell into the Digimon Emperor's hands. With a fearless smile on his face and the Dark Tower at his back, the Digimon Emperor looked down upon the village. With their town surrounded by the Digimon Emperor's minions, the villagers had no choice but to obey his command. There was just one among them who watched for the Digimon Emperor's weakness, Matt's digimon counterpart, Gabumon. Gabumon planned to lead the villagers away while the Digimon Emperor was away from the village. But what awaited him was Red Veggiemon's torture rack! Would Gabumon's SOS reach Davis and the others and Matt?

OLD RELIABLE (Episode 5)
In the frozen wasteland of the North, an unknown sound echoed. There the Digimon Emperor forced the Gizamon to build him a huge prison. When Gomamon opposed the cruel plan, the Digimon Emperor attacked him. Sensing Gomamon's danger, Jou threw down his test and ran to the computer room. In contrast, Cody let his kendo practice take precedence over the Digimon World.. Seeing Jou, will Cody realize what he needs to do? A hot battle has begun in an icy world!

Today the computer club is going on a picnic. With their lunches packed and their bags over their shoulders they head for.. huh? The Digital World!? Using Golden Week as an excuse, the children decided to go to the Digital World on a picnic. All the regular members, plus Mimi, just back from America, were all getting into a picnic mode. They spread out their lunches and passed the time, but one thing led to another and something unexpected happened.. A strong enemy? The beautiful brotherly love of the Gokimon Brothers vs. the new combination of Yolei and Mimi! A storm of pink may be about to descend on the Digital World!
(Since many of you asked, the pink haired girl shown with Davis is Mimi)

The children fought to liberate the Full Metal City from the Digimon Emperor. But as they were trying to escape from the enemy's attack, they were caught in an explosion and Kari and Gatomon were left alone in the Digital World! The two of them fought bravely against an army of Guardromon. Feeling responsible for being unable to protect Kari, Davis and T.K. hurried back to the Digital World. But just as they met up once again with Kari a new enemy appeared before them! It was their old friend Andromon, now controlled by the Evil Ring.. On the Digimon Emperor's orders Andromon attacked Kari! Did the Evil Ring deprive him even of the precious memories he had? Kati's bitter scream echoed through the Full Metal City!

At a soccer meet, Davis's was up against the boy genius everyone had been talking about, Ken Ichijouji. When Davis's slide prevented Ken from scoring, they both shook hands and admited each other's talent, but... After the game a Dark Tower suddenly appeared in Death Valley, the valley of death. When Davis and the others went to investigate, they fell right into the Digimon Emperor's fearsome trap! Davis's friends were taken hostage and there was nothing he could do to resist. The Digimon Emperor toyed with Davis, a ruthless smile on his face. But for some reason on the Digimon Emperor's right leg was the same bruise that Davis had given Ken...!? The Digimon Emperor's true identity is finally revealed! Now the Digital world must get past a new attack...!! "You hurt my pride..., it's only natural that you should feel the same pain..."

The Digimon Emperor's true identity had finally been revealed. The face that appeared under the mask was... the boy genius, Ken! Davis and the others were in shock from this unsuspected revelation. Meanwhile, Ken left behind the real world for good and began taking over more and more of the Digital World! In order to attain the power needed to control all of the Digital World, Ken went after a certain Digimon. That Digimon was... Tai's Agumon!! Using the Evil Ring, Ken filled Agumon with the power of darkness to make him evolve into Metal Greymon. But the evil power was too great and caused Agumon to go wild, resulting in unexpected consequences...! "I have no more use for this world... Good-bye insects."

The power of the Digimon Emperor's Black Digivice caused Agumon to run wild and evolve into Skull Greymon. After destroying as much as possible, his strength was drained and he returned to Agumon. While Kari screamed after him, he was once again taken away by the Digimon Emperor. Agumon had fallen into the enemy's hands. Before their eyes was the destructive power of a Ultimate Digimon. The children's hearts were shaken as the harsh reality was thrust before their eyes. Tai came along with the children to the Digital World, would that be enough to save Agumon? But the Digimon Emperor continued his evil research to be able to control Agumon and finally...!? "It's useless to speak to him. He's no longer your partner Digimon. He's my slave."

The only way to get Agumon back was to fight with all their strength. Matt's fist brought Tai back to his senses and they decided to confront Metal Greymon. But meanwhile, Daisuke was... In order to save Agumon from the magic of the Evil Spiral, the children turned and fought Metal Greymon, even as they themselves were being run down and wounded. But...Daisuke wasn't with them. Too afraid of hurting Agumon, Daisuke was unable to give Buimon orders to attack. Since all Buimon could do was run away Metal Greymon focused his attack on him! Then Patamon protected Buimon and...!? The second Armor Evolution was revealed! When Daisuke saw this act of true friendship, lightning flashed and drove away the darkness...!! "Daisuke! Don't worry about us, go after Metal Greymon!

Sora received an SOS from Piyomon on her Digivice. She immediately set off with Daisuke and the others to the Digital World. But what awaited them when they arrived on the other side of the Digital Gate was a smoke filled Western town... Orders were given to arrest Piyomon on sight. After Sora and the others came Starmon, the self-styled "Officer of Justice." Then the ladies man Revolmon, the self-styled "Gunman of Justice," appeared and things got even more confusing! The heroic gunfight between Starmon and Revolmon unfolded in the Western town! No matter who wins, there will only be trouble. What will the outcome of this duel be...!? "Play time is over. Now it's time to punish you."

DAGOMON'S CALL (Episode 13)
These images kept getting mixed up with reality. Even while filled with uncertainty and disgust, Kari's heart was little by little caught by these images that were neither dreams nor reality. She realized that this was someone or something's desperate attempt to contact her. She also realized that it was a call she couldn't resist... A dark Digimon myth that tells of the early arrival of Summer! What is it that awaits Kari in this strange village, where the legend of an ancient god casts its shadow...!? "I might disappear from here..."

Miyako and the others go to the Digital World in search of a new Digimental. They were all getting really tired when they happened to see a restaurant. But their elation was short lived when they discovered that it was the same place where three years ago Jou and Yamato had been forced to work by Digitamamon! Since Digitamamon's diner only accepted payment in dollars and the children had none, he thought they were trying to eat and run. Just when it looked like he was going to make them work off their bill, Mimi and an American Chosen Child, Michael, showed up and they were able to get out of trouble. But Miyako just couldn't calm down and once she heard of Digitamamon's past evil deeds, she began to doubt him more and more... There they were, Mimi earnestly believing Digitamamon, and Miyako unable to quell her doubts. Would Miyako be able to inherit the Crest of Purity...!?

Gleaming swords, flying sparks. Two ninjas run through the picture of old Tokyo. Neither the Dark Tower nor the Kaizer matter in this duel. Staking their pride as ninjas, they pit their techniques against each other. Now the fight begins! Shurimon's rival, Igamon, makes his appearance!! A heroic ninja battle unfolds on the stage of this Edo village. Will it be Shurimon who wins the title of true shuriken master, or...!?

The kids go to an oil field at the bottom of the ocean in search of a new Digimental. Cody goes to find the Digimental, but MetalSeadramon attack them! Although the kids escape MetalSeadramon's onslaught, they are trapped in a cave at the bottom of the ocean. Cody feels bad that the other kids forced Cody into an escape pod leaving the others behind, and he goes to Joe for help. But Joe is in the middle of an exam and must lie to get out of the exam center...

It was written in their notebook in red ink: August 1st, Memorial Day. It was supposed to be a normal day, but by chance and destiny, everything started that day. An adventure that continues on to the future. It's a day that they will never forget. It's a day that they can never forget. Odaiba Memorial.

After a long silence, the Digimon Emperor resumes his plan tp take over the Digital World. Daisuke and the others plan their strategy to counter the Digimon Emperor. The pressure to fight causes confusion in Miyako's heart. She ends up becoming lost due to the tension. Even worse, Hawkmon becomes poisoned.

Chimeramon is a beast that is the result of an evil experiment. He has Kabuterimon's head, Metal Greymon's hair, Greymon's body, Garurumon's legs, Monochromon's tail, Angemon and Airdramon's wings, and SkullGreymon, Kuwagamon, and Devimon's arms. To make Chimeramon an Ultimate, the Digimon Emperor used Devimon's evil powers. TK, who knows well about the dark powres of Devimon, fights the Digimon Emperor with all his might. Will TK succeed in stopping the Digimon Emperor?

Chimeramon finally appeared with his unbelievable destructive strength, he started turning the Digital World to ashes. To stop him, Daisuke and the others has to find the moving fortress. But just before they reach it, Chimeramon appears before them! Will Daisuke and the others be any match for Chimeramon? And what about Wormmon, the Digimon Emperor's Digimon?