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Episode Guide continued

The Crest Of Friendship (Episode 51)
Tai and the others finally arrive at Piedmon's Castle on the top of Spiral Mountain. Meanwhile, Matt and Gabumon are wandering in the dark cave created by the darkness in Matt's heart. but with Gabumon's encouragement, Matt realizes his true feelings and the cave disappears. Matt is reunited with Joe, but as they head for Spiral Mountain they find T.K., who tells them that Sora has fallen into a cave - the same cave that Matt had been in. While the others persuade her that she doesnt have the be responsible for everthing, Sora's Negative feelings disappear, and so does the cave. They hurry back to the castle to find an injured Tai and WarGreaymon fighting Piedmon. Matts Crest of Friendship brings them back from the brink of death, and the two Megas attack the enemy.

Piedmon's Last Jest (Episode 52)
Just when all the Digimon are attacking, Piedmon brings out a white handkerchief and turns Tai, Matt, WarGreymon and Metal Garurumon into dolls. The other children run away, but they can't escape Piedmon. One after the other, they are turned to dolls untill only T.K and Kari remain. Just when T.K. is about to give up hope, the doll of matt which he has been holding encourages him to keep fighting. His Crest of Hope glows and Angemon Digivolves into Holy Angemon and revives the other children and Digimon. Holy Angemon defeats Piedmon, but before they can begin celebrating, the children recieve and e-mail from Gennai informing them that the Dark Masters were not the true threat of the Digiworld.

The children fall into an endless world of darkness. All the negative energy coalesces into one being and it comes at them, using the attacks of all the Digimon the children fought in the past. The Digimon devolve and the children lose thier tags and crests. then, everyone is broken down into data. The children are at a loss, but the Digimon encourage them and they regain hope. Thier chests begin to glow with the shapes of thier crests and the Digimon Digivolve to their Highest forms. Before thier eyes is the enemy Digimon.

It seems they have defeated the evil Digimon, but with his dying breath he threatens to take the whole world with him. Determined not to give up, the children fight on. and thier crests seal the enemy, saving the Digi world from destruction. Although the children wish to stay longer in the Digiworld, Gennai tells them that unless they return home now they will be erased during the reconstruction of the Digiworld. Saying goodbye to thier Digimon, the children retured home.