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Episode Guide continued

Piximon sacrifices himself trying to save the digidestined from Piedmon. Our heroes find themselves back in the Digiworld, on the shores of MetalSeadramon's ocean domain. Shellmon attacks them, but they defeat him with little difficulty. MetalSeadramon sends his henchman, Scorpiomon. He and his evil master nearly succeed in barbecuing the kids and their Digimon. They're only saved when Togemon and Ikkakumon warp-digivolve into Lillymon and Zudomon. It's a close call, and Tai and the others doubt that the Digimons' abilities have developed enough to defeat their enemies. As if to prove it, Metal Seadramon reappears.

When Metalseadramon was about to finish off the digidestined, Whamon comes up from under the sea and rescures the digidestin and their digimons. They swim under the ocean to avoid from getting caught by Metalseadramon's army(Divermon). Divermon has the powerful Striking fish attack, so Metalseadramon uses them to search for Whamon and the digidestined. Izzy comes up with a great idea by plugging his computer to Whamon's harddrive. That way, they would be able to see what ever Whamon is seeing. Then Whamon comes up with a great idea to get rite of the Divermons by swimming deep down into the ocean. The Divermon's oxygen tank could not take the water pressure, and therefore explodes and it makes them flow back to the surface. With Metalseadramon right behind them, Whamon swims into a tunnel and ended up in a lake. Metalseadramon catches them and they battle on the lake.

PLAYING GAMES (Episode 43)
Agumon, and Gabumon warp-digivolve into Wargreymon and Metalgarurumon, then battle with Metalseadramon. Wargreymon almost got swallowed by Metalseadramon and Whamon comes back to help them fight Metalseadramon. Unfortunately, Whamon got hit and he's dying. Metalseadramon let's his guard down and Wargreymon takes the chance and finish off Metalseadramon with his attack. Then Whamon and Metalseadramon turn into vapor and fly back to Spiral Mt. The spiral water stribe on Spiral Mt. decline into the sea and Pupetmon is the next to battle the digidestin. When the digidestin meet Pupetmon, he control them with a remote and some dolls. Pupetmon thinks that it would be easy to trick T.K. and to destroy him, so he invited T.K. to his mansion to play with him. T.K. tricks him, smashs Pupetmon's remote control, and escapes from his evil mansion. Pupetmon says that he will take his revenge on T.K. When T.K. got back to the group, Matt and Gabumon disappear.

TRASH DAY (Episode 44)
Matt and Gabumon disappear and no one knows where could they've gone to. In the mean time, Pupetmon and Cherrymon is planning how to destroy the digidestins. They see Matt and Gabumon on the other side of the river, and Pupetmon sent Cherrymon over to the other side of the river to take care of Matt. Cherrymon's plan was to persuade Matt to fight against Tai. Matt fell for it and he determinds to fight Tai. Because of Gabumon's relationship to Matt, he decided to help Matt on whatever decision Matt makes. Their friendship makes Gabumon warp-digivolves to Metalgarurumon. While Cherrymon is doing that, Pupetmon sent Gabagemon to fight the digidestins. All of the digidestins' digimons digivolve to their Champion level, and only Lilymon and Metalgreymon are in their Ultimate level. One of the Gabagemon play trick and trying to suck everyone into its gabage can. Metalgarurumon shows up and use ice wolfclaw on Gabagemon. Matt also shows up and everyone was glad that he came back. Metalgreymon dedigivolve to Agumon and running toward Metalgarurumon. Metalgarurumon shoots a laser beam and missils to force Agumon to digivolve to Wargremon. Everyone is trying to tell Matt to call off Metalgarurumon, but he won't.

The Ultimate Clash (Episode 45)
Matt won't call off Metalgarurumon and he forces Agumon to warp-digivolve to Wargreymon. At first, Wargreymon didn't want to fight, but because Metalgarurumon keeps attacking him, he used his tarra force to fight back. On land, Tai and Matt are having a fight of their own. Everyone on the ground seems tobe fighting with eachother except for Kari. She talks to some digimon whose can't take a form. Gatomon and Izzy thought that Kari's lossing it and suddenly, the light takes over Kari's body and transports them all to a place that made the digi-vice, tags & crests, and all of the digieggs that are now the digidestined' digimons. In the lab, they see computer images which was recorded from a long time ago. They see Greymon fighting with another digimon four years ago, and it was Tai and Kari's strenght that made the Koromon digivolves into Greymon. And some how, the rest of the gangs are related to Tai and Kari. They were developing some special tags, crests, and digieggs for the digidestined. That's how they were chosen tobe the digidestined. Then the Dark Masters destroy everything inside the lab and kill everybody whose gets in their way. Luckily, Genai came out and save the digieggs and takes them to some where safe. On his way, he drops Gatomon's digiegg and that's why she grew up all alone. As for the rest of the eggs, Genai nourishs them until they hatch. The digimons grew up happyly and they wait for the digidestined to come for them. Then the light leaves Kari's body and everything went back to normal. The light tells the digidestined to find the Dark Masters' plans. After that, Matt still wants to go his own way and he leaves the group. Mimi decides that she's too tired of fighting and she wants to stay where she is. Joe stays with Mimi to protect her. With three of them gone, the rest of the group continue to search for the Dark Masters' plans.

Etemon's ComeBack Tour (Episode 46)
While eating, Mimi and Joe see Ogremon being chased by a forrest of tree digimons. Ogremon tries to get rite of the tree digimons, but he just couldn't. Then they see a comet descending from the sky. The comet's coming fast toward the tree digimons and hits them. The collision made a loud noise and takes the attention of everybody. Mean while, Tai, Sora, TK, Izzy, and Kari are trying to figure out whether to go to the crash or to go to Pupetmon's mansion. Finally, they've decided to go to Pupetmon's mansion, but just to look around and to plan their strategies. While back in the forrest, Mimi, and Joe see that Ogremon is hurt and they decided to help him out. Ogremon wasn't cooperative at first, but he turns out to be a really nice guy after they've got a chance to know him. Then MetalEtemon caughts them and he tries to destroy them. Pupetmon also happens to be in the region, so MetalEtemon and Pupetmon are fighting against each other. Mean while, Mimi, Joe, and Ogremon run away. After they've battle for a while, Pupetmon was wining until he decided not to battle any more and find the digidestined. Back at Pupetmon's mansion, the group met two of Pupetmon's guards. They turned out to be really nice and they invite the group to take a tour inside of the mansion. While Pupetmon is heading back to his mansion, the digidestined decided to shoot Pupetmon with his own cannon. Because the two guards didn't like Pupetmon, they've decided to help out the digidestined. Pupetmon knew that it was the digidestined, so he runs back to the mansion in a hurry. While searching for Joe, and Mimi, MetalEtemon found them, and Saberleomon shows up.

Ogremon's Honor (Episode 47)
Saberleomon tells Joe and Mimi to climb onto his back and he carries them to a deserted place and Ogremon follows them. Joe recognizes the restaurant that he worked to pay for his diner. After they're safe inside of the restaurant, Seberleomon digivolves back to leomon. Joe and Mimi are glad to see him again and they're full of joys. Then, they see two digimons hidding under the floor and they make the two digimons show themself. The two digimon turn out to be Mimi's old friend Gekomon and another fish like digimon. MetalEtemon tracks down Joe and Mimi and he's looking for a easy fight. They battle and MetalEtemon lost because of Zudomon's Vulcan Hammer. Inside the forrest, Tai and the group come out of Puppetmon's mansion and they meet Redvegiemons. Redvegiemons are weed digimon and they were wiped out easily. Puppetmon activates his mansion to transform to a giant robot and fights the digidestined. As Puppetmon running into the forrest, he meets MetalGarurumon and he was destroyed by MetalGarurumon's Metal WolfClaw. Matt and Metal Garurumon go into the forrest and leave the group again. Then they see the forrest on Infinity Mt. disapears. As the forrest's disapearing, Leomon hurts badly, and he goes back to Primary Village. Ogremon decided to journey with Joe and Mimi to fight against the Dark Masters.

My Sister's Keeper (Episode 48)
While walking, Kari felt sick and the group has to stop because Kari is in a fever. They send Tentomon to find help and trying to figure. Tentomon returns and takes the group to a city in the middle of the ocean. When they look at the city, it is very civilized and it has most of the famous status and buildings as earth. They hid in a mansion inside the city to be safe. Tai and Izzy went out to find a hospital and some children medicine for Kari. While out there, Izzy sees a telephone and plug his computer into the telephone and dail-up to the net and find directions. What he doesn't know that is Machinedramon zeroing in on Izzy's computer and he knows whatever Izzy is doing. Machinedramon sends out his army to try to catch the digidestined. They caught Tai and Izzy inside of the hospital and they try to trap Tai and Izzy. Then Izzy turns to his computer to try to find the ways out of the hospital. But, Machinedramon sends his army to the place where Izzy connects his computer to. After what happens, Izzy finally figures out that Machinedramon is using him and Izzy decided to hack into Machinedramon's computer network and stop Machinedramon's army. Although successful, Machinedramon makes his army to destroys the whole city. Fearing that Kari is in danger, Tai and Izzy go back to the mansion. As they've just come back, the mansion blew up and Tai is in a panic situation. Sudently, T.K., Sora, and Kari show up. Machinedramon comes out and shoots at the kids.

The Crest Of Light (Episode 49)
When falling down the pit, Kari, T.K., and Sora separate from Tai, and Izzy. When Kari wakes up, only T.K. is around, and Patamon comes back with Sora. They were glad to see each other. Then, they went to look for Tai and Izzy. On their way, they found the Numemon working and torturing by an evil digimon. Suddenly, light comes out of Kari and she started to glow. They Numemon call Kari "Queen Kari" and it confuses everybody. The light gives the digimon near her more power. The evil digimon comes back and the Numemon are trying to protect Kari, but they can't. Biyomon and Patamon digivolve to their champion level and they fight off the evil digimon. Then they continue to go and find Tai and Izzy. They find Tai, Izzy, and Andromon together trying to fight Machinedramon. They Numemon crawl all over machinedramon and they die after Machinedramon uses his actack Giga Cannon. Kari bursts into tear and she began to glow again. The power gives Agumon the power to digivolve into Wargreymon. Wargreymon cuts Machinedramon like an onion and Machinedramon becomes a lost digimon. Without Machinedramon, the whole city becomes unstable and falls apart.

Joe's Battle (Episode 50)
Tai and the other are on the top of infinity mountain. Izzy got a way to scan where they are by pluging his computer to Andromon. Piedmon sends out his personal gard, Ladydevilmon, to finish off the digidestined. Tai sees that Piedmon is strong, and they can't defeat Piedmon alone, so he sends Sora and T.K. to find Matt, Mimi, and Joe. Some where near Primary Village, Joe, and Mimi see Electromon and he's playing Matt's hamonica. They seduce him to join forces against the Dark Masters and he agrees. Electromon tells them about a boat crossing the river in the middle of the night and they think that it was Matt right away. They decided to rest to regain their strength, and then continue on their journey. Sitting beside the tree, Joe started to doubt himself and he started to lose fate in himself. He says goodbye with everybody and try to go and find Matt as well as finding himself. Back at the top of Infinity Mt., Angewomon has a tough time trying to defeat Ladydevilmon. They fought for a while, and Angewomon uses her Heaven Charm to defeat Laydydevilmon. Then Piedmon appears and he walks slowly toward Tai and Agumon. Agumon digivolves to WarGreymon and waits for Piedmon to come.