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Episode Guide continued-

Tai and Koromon are pulled through the rift and find themselves back on Earth. Tai goes home and visits his little sister, Kari, who seems to be aware of the DigiWorld. He also discovers that evil Digimon are taking advantage of the rift and creating chaos on Earth. Koromon digivolves to Agumon in order to battle the dreaded Ogremon and then returns to the DigiWorld to help his friends. Although Tai wishes he could stay with Kari, he follows Agumon back, too.

FORGET ABOUT IT! (Episode 22)
Tai and Agumon return to the DigiWorld, where they look for their friends. They find Tokomon, who tells them that the other kids split up to look for them. He and T.K. met up with a new Digimon, Demidevimon, who seemed to be a friend but caused the two to have an angry fight and go their separate ways. Tai, Agumon and Tokomon find T.K. and Demidevimon, and Tai tries to get T.K. and Tokomon to make up. Demidevimon senses he's losing his influence over T.K. and tries to get the others to eat some mushrooms of forgetfulness, but they're warned off by a mysterious female voice (Sora). Realizing that Demidevimon isn't a true friend, Tokomon digivolves to Patamon and drives hi m off.

Matt and Gabumon find Joe slaving away in the kitchen of Vegiemon to pay for his meal. But a series of mishaps keeps Joe even deeper in debt. Joe doesn't know that DemiDevimon has ordered Vegiemon to keep Joe working there forever! Just in time, Tai and T.K. arrive and reveal DemiDevimon as an evil Digimon. A battle ensues, with Joe sacrificing himself to save T.K. as Gabumon digivolves first to Garurumon, then to WereGarurumon. The evil Digimons are defeated as the boys resume their search for Mimi and the others.

Searching for Gennai, Izzy and Tentomon find themselves trapped and suddenly fall beneath the surface into a bottomless pit. Vademon tricks Izzy into giving up his curiosity and his worldly possessions and brings Izzy's Tag and Crest to DemiDevimon. Tentomon feels that he is losing Izzy and de-digivolves into Motimon, who helps Izzy retrieve his Tag and Crest as well as his curiosity, then Motimon digivolves to MegaKabuterimon, who defeats Vademon. Izzy and Tentomon are thrust back to the surface where they find Matt, T.K., Tsumonon and Patamon.

Tai, Joe and their Digimon companions track Mimi to a gigantic fortress where she's being treated like a princess by frog-like beings called Gekomon. The Gekomon are convinced that only Mimi's singing can awaken their master, ShogunGekomon. Mimi strings them along, never quite awakening the sleeping giant. When Tai and Joe call her a spoiled brat she has them all thrown into a dungeon. Finally, in a nightmare, Mimi sees what she's become. She begs everyone's forgiveness and awakens ShogunGekomon, a destructive behemoth who was better left in a coma. It takes an appearance by Metal Greymon to put the brute back to sleep.

The reunited children find a very emotional Sora, who explains that DemiDevimon told her that her Crest of Love would never glow because she never had love in her life. When DemiDevimon sees all the children together, he and Myotismon attack. However, since Sora realizes her mother did love her, and was only trying to protect her, her Crest begins to glow. Birdramon digivolves to Garudamon and defeats Myotismon. But before the children get too comfortable, the voice of Myotismon tells them they are about to meet their doom!
Gennai tells the kids about an eighth "digidestined" child, who is currently living in Japan. Planning the capture of that child, Myotismon has discovered a gate in the castle that will allow him to pass into the human world. Demidevimon pulls together some troops, as the kids manage to search the castle for the gate. When the troops appear the Digimon digivolve and scare them away before they are able to get through the gate. A ferocious Digimon named Devidramon attacks and Greymon digivolves into Metal Greymon and destroys Devidramon. Gatomon closes the gate before the kids can get through it.

IT'S ALL IN THE CARDS (Episode 28)
The gang watches helplessly as Myotismon slips through the gate into the real world to find the eighth child. At Gennai's house under the lake, the wise old man gives the kids ten Digimon key cards, which, if played correctly, will open the gate. Before they can be used, however, the kids must learn the key cards' secret. Back at Myotismon's castle, the kids' Digimon battle Dokugumon, the castle's spider guardian and his parasite minions. At the last second, Izzy cracks the code of the cards and the kids leap through the gate!

The kids are back in the real world at camp and must stop Myotismon before he finds the eighth child. They go to Highton View Terrace, where they are attacked by Myotismon's army. The kids suddenly realize that what they though was a bombing attack four years ago, was actually the appearance of the first Digimon. Izzy suggests that the eighth child must have been there, as well. The kids continue to search for the child before Myostismon can find him or her.

Trying to get home, the kids take the subway with the Digimon pretending to be stuffed animals. They sleep through their stop and end up somewhere in the city. Luckily, they are spotted by Sora's cousin Duane, who picks them up. Duane accidentally knocks Izzy off a bridge during a confrontation and Motimon digivolves into Tentomon and saves him. Demidevimon and his henchmen appear. The Digimon digivolve and the kids are saved.

Tai wonders if his sister Kari is the eighth child. Tai's cat Miko knocks a digidevice over the balcony and goes after it. Meanwhile a new Digimon called Raremon begins to terrorize some people by the bay. Izzy checks his computer and Gennai tells him that the other kids are asleep in their houses. Izzy and Tentomon go after Raremon. Izzy's digidevice indicates that the eighth child is nearby. He continues to track him, while Tentomon digivolves to Kabuterimon and defeats Raremon. Miko loses the digidevice to various animals, until a crow ends up with it.
The city is rocked by the recent wave of monster sightings and bizarre weather patterns. Tai and the others search the Shibaura section of the city, hoping to find the eighth child before Myotismon does. One of his minions, Gatomon, happens to meet Kari in the park and is convinced that she's the eighth child. Meanwhile, Mimi and Sora stumble into the monstrous, flame-belching SkullMeramon. Agumon has to digivolve into Greymon and then MetalGreymon before finally giving the monster a fiery farewell.
OUT ON THE TOWN (Episode 33)
Matt is taking little brother T.K. home on the train when T.K. and Patamon get into a fight. Patamon takes off and Matt, T.K. and Gabumon head out looking for him, but instead run into two of Myotismon's henchmen, Pumpkinmon and Gotsumon. When Myotismon shows up, the two "henchmen" don't have the hearts to attack the kids, so Myotismon blasts them to smithereens. It turns out they've just been zapped back to the Digital World, but the kids think they're gone for good. T.K. gets so upset that Patamon digivolves into Angemon! Soon Myotismon is running away, and the kids return to their search for the eighth chosen child.
Gatomon has been staking out Kari from a rooftop, but still can't be sure if she's the chosen child or not. Gatomon can't remember anything that happened before she met Myotismon. Wizardmon finds the digivice, but doesn't want Myotismon to get his hands on it, so he tricks Demidevimon into thinking he's still looking for clues. Wizardmon brings the digivice to Gatomon and helps her remember that all her life, she's been waiting for Kari. She approaches Kari and Agumon attacks, thinking she's hurting Kari. Gatomon protects Kari, proving that she's her Digimon and that Kari is the eighth child. Myotismon is not convinced that Gatomon is the chosen one, but thinks he can find the true eighth digidestined capturing Gatomon and using her as bait.
FLOWER POWER (Episode 35)
With his fogbank barrier isolating the Odaiba district of the city, Myotismon searches for the eighth child, using Phantomon and his minions to round up the district's inhabitants, including Sora, Mimi, Tai and Matt. Joe and T.K. desperately try to find a way into Odaibo. Meanwhile, Sora blasts a self-help tape at Phantomon's spooks, neutralizing them. But this only works temporarily and, with the arrival of the towering Dark Tyrannomon, things look bleak until Togemon transforms into Lillymon, and tames the beast. Sora is reunited with her estranged mother as Lillymon takes on the evil Myotismon himself.
Tai goes to rescue his parents and the others being held prisoner by Myotismon. Gennai tells Izzy how to create a Digital Barrier to protect his family from Bakemon. While trying to get into Odaiba to help, Joe and T.K. are attacked by MegaSeadramon. After Ikkakumon digivolves into Zudomon and defeats the beast, they find Wizardmon in the water with the crest of the eighth child. Phantomon follows Sora to Matt and Kari's hideout where he summons two Digimon to destroy the children. Feeling responsible, Kari confesses that she's the eighth child and offers to surrender to Phantomon if he will stop hurting her friends. The villain agrees and carries her off.
WIZARDMON's GIFT (Episode 37)
Kari has just surrendered to Myotismon. Wizardmon tells the others they have to return Kari's tag and crest to defeat Myotismon. Myotismon tricks Gatomon into revealing that Kari is the eighth child. Myotismon is about to destroy them when the kids and Digimon arrive. Despite the Digimon fully digivolving, they still lack the power to defeat Myotismon. Myotismon unleashes a deathblow to Kari and Gatomon, but Wizardmon jumps in front and dies from the blast. Tai gets the Digivice back to Kari, which helps Gatomon Digivolve to Angewomon. All the Digimon divert their power to Angewomon, who strikes down Myotismon with her celestial arrow. It seems that Myotismon is defeated, but the kids find it strange that the fog has still not cleared.
PROPHECY (Episode 38)
Gennai uncovers a cryptic prophecy that could lead to the salvation of the Real and Digiworlds, if Izzy and the others can decipher it. Elements of the prophecy begin to come true: bats appear in the sky, the captured residents of Odaiba call out Myotismon's name in a trance, Gatomon digivolves into Angewomon, and Myotismon rises again, revealing himself in his "true" form, a towering, energy-devouring monster. In an attempt to bring about the last part of the prophecy, Angemon and Angewomon shoot arrows of light at Tai and Matt, causing Agumon and Gabumon to "warp-digivolve" into their ultimate selves: War Greymon and MetalGarurumon.
Agumon and Gabumon warp-digivolve into WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon. Incredibly, their combined power is still not enough to defeat VenomMyotismon. Not until all the Digimon combine their attacks as one do their crests begin to glow and VenomMyotismon disintegrates. The kids look up to see the sky beginning to break apart and a huge landmass looming towards them. Terrible things begin to happen as Izzy deduces that the continent is in fact the Digital World! The kids and their Digimon realize that they must return and fix the problems there in order to save the Real World. Sadly, they say goodbye to parents and rise bravely into the sky.
The digidestined and their companion Digimon find themselves hurled back to the Digital World after defeating Myostismon. Chuumon tells them that the four Dark Masters have relocated the Digital World to Spiral Mountain and are planning to take it over. MetalSeadramon challenges them. The Digimon digivolve to champions, but are unable to defeat him, as he is an ultimate Digimon. They meet the second Dark Master, Machinedramon and can't defeat him, either. The third Dark Master, Puppetmon, controls them with strings and drops them off to meet the fourth Dark Master, Piedmon. Piximon comes to the rescue and the digidestined escape.